2017 OPUSONE  販売中







当店をご利用の際に「ネットショップ」という、対面形式では無い販売方法という形式上、 新型コロナウイルス(COVID-19)に対してどの様な取り組みをしているのか、不安に思われるお客様も多くいらっしゃるかと思います。


2017年のオーパスワンの仕入れに関しまして、当店の感染予防及び拡散防止対策をお知らせしたいと思います。 今年は例年の仕入れとは異なる状況での仕入れとなりましたが、長年お世話になっている方々の協力の下、 無事に2017年オーパスワンを仕入れる事が出来ました。






ここで記載していること以外でも不安に思うことがあると思います。 その際にはお気軽にお問合せ下さい。 少しでも不安を解消出来たらと思っております。



To our valued customers,


First let me start by saying Thank you for your patronage of our shop through these trying and unpredictable times.


As we are all aware 2020 has been very trying for us all, with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) being at the forefront of everyone’s mind and what safety measures are being taken to keep all of us safe. We do understand that with being an “internet shop” we must also be aware and take extra precautions with the wines that we have. We want to assure you that every precaution is taken when not only purchasing our wines, but during our sales transactions, and shippnig as well. 


With our wines that we sell, we do directly import them from the United States.  We are taking the extra precautions with quarantining, cleaning and sanitizing all products before they become available to you, our valued customer. 


With regards to the purchase of the 2017 vintage of Opus One, we are very happy to let you know that even with this difficult time we were still able to safely secure our allotment through our partners in the United States and will be safely delivered via plane to assure the rapid transportation needed to keep quality at its best.


Upon arrival in Japan the wines will be safely delivered to a secure quarantine and inspection before being transferred to our shop.


Once the arrival is completed from the airport to our facility we will again disinfect, clean and sanitize all original wooden cases, and surfaces with an alcohol based concentration (minimum 75%) and put them into a clean air room with its own ozone generator and temperature controlled unit.


With the completion of purchase and shipping we wear protective gear such as masks, and gloves while packaging products for shipping. All of our protective equipment and packaging are kept in separate rooms with its own ozone generator and temperature controlled unit.


We do ask as one final safety measure (if possible) that upon completion of your package, that you open the box at your front door, so you can receive it with a peace of mind.


If there is any more information that you would like that is not described here please feel to contact us, we are here for you, as you are for us. Thank you again. We sincerely appreciate your time in reading this and we look forward to servicing your wine needs.


Please be safe and thank you again.